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Album: Cruel Art of Gossip

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Fill me up – The song is about a guy who misses the train everyday and it’s filling him up to the bones. He’s done doing the same thing over and over again.
Parade of the drunk – It’s a story about the guys who were always drunk. And use that as an escape out of the reality. They turn that into a parade where the drunk reigns for a day.
Cruel Art of Gossip – The man in the song broke up with his girlfriend and everything turned to chaos because of the gossips about their failed relationship. The song tells us how gossip can ruin a person’s life because gossip  evolves.
Do you want me, now – Can you love a person though he or she is imperfect? The song questions love despite differences, awkwardness, and failure.
Black hearted Soul – The song tells how we can have black hearted soul. A heart without feelings and love.
Dark Lane – About a girl who was unhappy. She was travelling a dark lane, a world full of sorrows.
Sister – A death of a sister. And the song wants her back, a song of loss and tragedy.
F ‘n’ A – Stands for fuckin’ A. A song despising a person’s attitude, and songs clearly express his anger,
Smugface –  A heavy song describing a person who has smugface.
Boys Glory – They featured their violinist. It has wonderful melody. It’s story of how boys’ glorious world.

Album: Playgrounds

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Make Love – A song about making love and how it pleasurable it is.
Walk in the park – Story about lovers walking in the park and how happy it makes him whenever he remember those moments.
Cynical thing  – What really makes us a person. The song questions how the people think towards others.
Brighten the corners – A happy song on how one can brighten the corners of our life.
Playground – Life is a playground. Everywhere can be a playground. It depends on the person who would like to see his world.
Lucky man – The boy broke up with his girlfriend and soon regretted it. When he realized his mistake the girl found someone else.
Radio 4 AM – Song about hangover of a boy who wants to meet the girl again. He is restless and turns the radio on at 4AM