Music as a Chisel: How Music Shapes Your Life


Chisels are handyman tools used for repairing, shaping, and cutting off a little wood from a piece of furniture. It takes out more wood compared to sandpaper, which is why it can be used for shaping stuff. With it, you can control how little or much wood you remove. Chisels are significant for any handyman. Believe it or not, music is like one.

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Shaping Your Confidence

Sculpting Wood Chisel The Art Of Carpenter

Music works as a chisel when it forms your confidence. If you’re a singer in a band and you have difficulty dealing with a large audience, music can be the only reason why you’re onstage. Music increases your confidence, and your love for it becomes your inspiration to handle any difficulty. Like a chisel, music can change the way you see your own sculpture, and before you know it, you’re already conquering the world.

Removing Unnecessary Parts

Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set, 5-Piece

A quality chisel is used to take out unneeded parts from a piece of wood. Good music does the same through its healing powers. Negativity and doubt are two things that every band does not need, and when you start playing a song with your band members, music enters and takes away the negativity. It’s as if the only thing that matters is having unity in the band and playing a song. Nothing else matters, not even the criticism, the small studio space, or the lack of expensive equipment. Music removes the unnecessary thoughts and brings about contentment and happiness, regardless of what your role in the band is. It’s similar to what you do when you’re composing a song too. You remove the words or phrases that are not needed to make the song sound better.

Improving Your Life


Lastly, just as a chisel enhances a piece of furniture, music also opens the room of improvement for everyone. How? Well, it increases your memory, involves math, improves your motor skills, requires diligent practice, demands discipline, introduces different cultures, improves your musical interpretation, relieves stress, and enhances your creativity! What more can you ask for? Music has the power to make your life better thanks to all the advantages it gives. It can enrich your life and make every single day in this world more bearable.


Have the time of your life with music! It’s obviously good for your ears and soul. Let it shape your life to make it better and more interesting. With music, you’ll feel more alive after cutting out the unnecessary parts and by being confident in life.