audience of concert


Bas van de Looy
Role: Guitarist

This guy is so cool. He has an upcoming solo project called My cat sparky. He is one of the original members of the band. However he decided to separate ways with the band. Friendship was not lost, he just wanted to mature. He recalled year 2008 when they produced “Fill me up” it’s one of their breakthrough song which generated some cash for the band. He treasures every memories he had with the band.

Remco van de Looy
Role: Guitarist

Remco, aside from playing guitars, he is good at singing too. His brother Bas supported him all the way. He likes Jimi Hendrix, Rive, The Sugarettes, The Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mr Love and the Stallions, The Doors, Montana, The Who and many more.

Einar Ihle
Role: Violinist and keyboardist

Einar is the twist of the band. His presence gives the band some added flavor. Usually, Mr. Love and the Stallions produces songs that are heavy with guitars and drum. But Einar balances it with his violin. He also contributes on what the melody will be like. By the way, he is really good.

Max Faulkner
Role: Basist

Max is now the bass player of Memphis Maniacs. He graduated in Brighton Institute of Modern Music which opened doors in the world of music. He worked with several cover bands such as Mr. Love and the Stallions. Now, he is busy looking for theaters and studio works.

Lou Swinkels
Role: Drummer

Lou is another great contributor for Mr. Love and the Stallions. He adds the beat and the phasing of each song. He likes heavy drums which explains why the songs they have are heavy as well.

Listen to their songs: