Improving Your Band’s Music Studio with a Band Saw


As a musician, there’s another meaning behind “band” that you should know. And that’s the band that handymen knows—band saw. This saw comes with a long and sharp blade that consists of a continuous band of toothed metal (hence, the name) which is stretched between two or more wheels in order to cut materials.

A band saw is used in woodworking, lumbering, and metalworking. It offers an even cutting action. It can cut irregular shapes like a jigsaw, making it ideal for any music-related DIY project.

Here are the kinds of stuff you can make with a band saw to improve your music studio:



Band saw boxes can improve your novice woodworking skills. You can store anything in that box; whether it’s a guitar pick, a tuner, a power line cord, a pair of drumsticks, or a set of bass strings, a band saw box can handle it. Band saw boxes are inexpensive, and they are fantastic projects.


Make veneer for your guitar cabinets! Veneer can be used in any project to enhance its design. You can make note-shaped veneer and place them in front of a set of drawers in your music studio or in front of your entrance door. It makes the studio have that elegant look. And you have to thank a band saw for that.


Faux Taxidermy


The fake taxidermy mania has been famous in homes nowadays, so why not give your music studio a new and unique look with faux taxidermy? You can choose your band’s spirit animal or the animal that represent the songs you write. Aside from being creative, you won’t scare the children away with it too!

All you need is a band saw from SawingPros, a drill, a few cardboard, sandpaper, and the material you want to work with (say, wood). And that’s it! You and your bandmates can make this together as a bonding moment too.

Delta-28-400Record Storage

With a band saw, you can create this record storage for your band’s favorite records of the bands that influenced your music. Aside from that, you can also place music magazines there or newspaper clippings that mentioned your band for when you were still starting to make your name in the music industry. There are a lot of things you can store in this, all you need is a band saw and the material you choose to work with.