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Mr. Love and the Stallions? Why is that your band name?

Remco said that they don’t want to take themselves seriously. It so happened that American band Ween released albums from Pt 1 to 5 named The Stallions. And the group just loved it. So, they decided to wear the name. They said that if there’s something they will take seriously, that’s music.

How strong is your friendship?

They all agree that all of them are opinionated and it’s hard sometimes to complete a song. But their bond as a group is strong. They didn’t expect that they will reach this level of exposure but it’s their “lucky shot”. They recalled the moment they welcomed Bas, Einar always thought that he was a shitty bastard but when he became part of the group, they discovered that he was actually cool.

New “Playground Album”

The band was so happy when V2 agreed to record their album. They all agreed that “Playground” album has the best songs they have composed so far. Because they worked hard to come up with catchy melodies for each song. It has this Pop music vibe where you’ll here the right blend of guitars and hard drums. They are proud of their work and even compared their music with other bands. While other bands produced bland music that lacks life, they produce something worth hearing.

Additional Flavor

Yes, they have violinist in the band which find really cool. They said that they really intended to mix violin to their music. They said that violin adds flavor their music and it can rock too.

What you want your fans to think about you?

They want you think them as the kids who wants to conquer the world through their music. That they are free-spirited and kids with great sense of humor.